Rhiti Sports

Rhiti Sports

Inspire your inner athlete

Rhiti Sports is a sports marketing and management company based in India. It was founded by Arun Pandey, a former cricketer and entrepreneur. Rhiti Sports is renowned for its involvement in managing the brand endorsements, sponsorship deals, and public relations for various Indian cricketers and athletes.

Rhiti Sports offer an unparalleled global network of industry experts, and their extensive geographical reach allows their clients to connect with an unparalleled global network.


Nurture your fitness

Fit 7 is the health club and studio by M.S. Dhoni for sports and fitness enthusiasts.Our state-of-art facility boasts top-notch trainers, cutting-edge equipment, and personalized attention for members. We at Fit 7 will follow the same attitude that has made Mahendra Singh Dhoni the inspirational leader. He plays an active role in all aspects of our plans.



Wear your talent

Seven is a well-established sportswear brand known for its high-quality athletic apparel and accessories. The brand has gained popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its commitment to blend functionality, style, and sustainability in its products. Seven focuses on creating sportswear that enhances athletic performance. Seven apparel is meticulously designed to offer utmost comfort, superior breathability, and exceptional flexibility, empowering athletes to excel in diverse physical endeavors.

Dr. Cricket 7- Online sports

Connects inner world

Dr. Cricket 7 is dedicated to fostering bonds among crowds and communities, all through their shared passion for cricket! Our innovative platform has been meticulously designed to engage not only die-hard cricket enthusiasts but also those who crave in-depth statistics about their beloved players. This platform serves as a conduit for cricketers to intimately connect with their fans, offering exclusive glimpses into their personal journeys.


BeyondLife.Club - NFT Platform

Explore with superstars

Beyondlife.club is the first-ever Indian NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform that has gained significant attention in the digital art and collectibles space. One of the key highlights of Beyondlife.club’s launch was the introduction of NFTs featuring legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. In addition, Beyondlife.club also made waves by releasing NFTs associated with Stan Lee’s Chakra.

The platform of Beyondlife.club is poised for expansion to encompass a broader array of NFTs featuring additional celebrities, artists, and creators. This strategic move takes advantage of the surging trend in the popularity of NFTs as a distinctive digital asset category.

Inspired Entertainment

Unlimited Entertainment

Inspired Entertainment is a dynamic platform exclusively dedicated to exploring captivating opportunities in sports content. Apart from releasing original movies, webisodes, and ad shoots, we collaborate with leading OTT players like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar to bring you thrilling and original sports content. Our mission is to keep you entertained and informed, delivering the latest updates on your favorite athletes, ensuring you stay engaged and delighted with our offerings.

Inspried Entertainment

Rhiti Charitable Foundation


The Rhiti Charitable Foundation functions with the objective of fostering avenues for deserving individuals, especially athletes, enabling them to follow their aspirations and realize their objectives. Employing a range of initiatives and philanthropic occasions, the foundation broadens its sphere to provide strength to individuals who are fueled by their fervor and unwavering resolve to attain excellence in their respective domains.

Through its endeavors, the foundation assumes a crucial role in nurturing talent and cultivating a spirit of sportsmanship among those endowed with remarkable potential. In doing so, it not only contributes to the personal advancement and accomplishments of these individuals but also enhances the broader realm of sports and society at large.