Platform for all

Rhiti Group is the Platform extended to all kinds of celebrities, athletes, and also NFT'S. The superstar of Bollywood Amitabh Bachan published his first NFT on this Platform. Rhiti Group represents the brand of all superstars and athletes.
Broadcast Production

Who doesn't love entertainment platforms? RDX is an entertainment platform by Rhiti group that provides entertainment to its audiences in all aspects of music in different genres and playlists according to their mood. It is the platform that provides opportunities for millions of deserving individuals to showcase their talents and get their own identities. Individuals can earn through talents in this broadcast production.


Rhiti group is much more than a platform for sports individuals. It has made its place in the field of sports entertainment and also by providing charitable events. Rhiti Sports organizes charitable events, which will be a great moral support for individuals with real talents. Rhiti Group is a consulting firm that has provided the platform for true inspiring talents like MS Dhoni.

Sponsorship Management

Intellectual property is the primary concern of this group, which is a couple of legal rights procured from humans who are creative talented. It is the essential aspect for the individuals to join the right group, which defines its economic prosperity. These rights also motivate athletes and their thoughts and assist them in contributing.


Rhiti platform events will be related to economic, social, and entertainment. Events conducted by the Rhiti group will always have a mission of helping the talents with the excellent platform. Events identify the deserving talents who make the country proud by their efforts and talent. It also entertains its audiences and keeps them motivated through its events.


Rhiti group also offers ad shoots and advertisements for all kinds of sports. Rhiti group offers a licensed and comfortable platform to the athletes, which keeps them motivated and ongoing. The platform also provides better outfits for sports required for the athletes. It allows athletes to showcase their real talents by supporting them with their requirements in a professional way.

Talent Management

Rhiti group has its brand value for providing the platform to hidden talents to prove themselves and make the nation proud by their talents and skills. This group always runs on the bundle of legal rights and rules, which keeps individual athletes motivated and keep them on the right path to reach their destinations which lots of support and professional requirements.